2006 Murtala Muhammed Memorial Conference


“Global Perspectives on Disaster Management”
Keynote address: His Excellency President Olusegun Obasanjo Chairman Murtala Muhammed Foundation

Welcome speech: Dr. H. O. Demuren, Director General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority

Opening Remarks: Alhaji S.S. Makarfi, Director General, National Emergency Management
Agencies, Nigeria



  • Col. Neil Salisbury
  • Dr. Glen Staples
  • Dr. Hari Prasad
  • Major Cedric Hills
  • Mr. Albert Aidoo Taylor
  • Mr. Chris Weeks
  • Mr. James F. Greene
  • Mr. Mike Evans
  • Mr. Trevor Williams
  • Mr. Wale Talabi
  • Mrs. Marie Fatayi Williams
  • Ms. Charlayne Hunter Gault
  • Prof. David Alexander
  • Prof. Richard Williams

    Keynote Address: Emergency Management in the United States by Mr. J. A. Greene, Former
    President US, National Emergency Management Agency, 2000-2001
    Presentation: Strategic, Tactical and Operational Framework required to manage a Disaster:
    Mr. Mike Evans, Director Centre for Disaster Management University of BournemouthSession 1 
    Safety and Regulation -A Disaster Prevention Approach
    Paper: Covering an Airlines Accident: Dr. H. O. Demuren, Director General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority
    Paper: Evaluation of the National Arrive Alive Communications Plan October 2003 – January 2004: Des Myers, Phepha international South Africa
    Paper: South Africa Road Safety Program: Arrive Alive
    Paper: Evaluation Of Arrive Alive 2003–2004 Festive Season Communications and Enforcement Strategy -National Evaluation: Des Myers Phepha InternationalSession 2 
    Long Term Disaster Planning & Prevention-A Risk Reduction Approach
    Paper: Major Incident Management – A Possible Model: Professor R. Willaims of the Mental Health Strategy, University of Glamorgan

    Session 3
    Building Viable National Critical Response Systems-A Disaster Preparedness Approach
    Paper: Building Viable National Critical Response Systems-A Disaster Preparedness Approach: Dr. Dade Sadare, Disaster Management Consultant, and Senior Lecturer Lagos Business School
    Paper: Base of an Efficient Disaster Management System / Good Emergency
    Services-The Indian experience: Dr. K.H. Prasad, CEO Apollo Hospitals, India

    Session 4
    Search & Rescue
    Paper: Netcare 911 Search and Rescue: Dr. Glenn Staples, Medical Director Netcare 911 South Africa

    Session 5 
    Media & Information Management
    Paper: Media in Disaster Management – an affected 3rd party’s perspective: Mrs. Marie Fatayi Williams, Chairperson, Anthony Fatayi Williams Foundation
    Paper: Strategic Approaches to Designing Services: David Alexander, Professor of Psychology, Centre for Trauma Research, Aberdeen and Richard Williams, Professor of Mental Health Strategy, University of Glamorgan, UK

    Session 6 
    After the Trauma: Rebuilding Lives, Restoration and Closure
    Paper: Plan to Take Charge: Major Cedric Hills, International Emergency Services Coordinator, the Salvation Amy UK
    Paper: Psychological Trauma in Children and Young People: Richard Williams Professor of Mental Health Strategy University of Glamorgan
    Paper: The Challenge of Mental Health Interventions after Major Trauma: Prof. D. Alexander: Professor of Psychology, Centre For Trauma Research Aberdeen
    Paper: Strengthening National Institutional Capacity to Respond to Disaster Risk Reduction in Nigeria: Dr. Mrs. Mercy Gabriel United Nations High Commission for Refugees
    Paper: After the Trauma: Rebuilding Lives, Restoration and Closure Habitat for Humanity’s Response to Disaster: Habitat for Humanity

    2006 Communiqué