2011 Murtala Muhammed Memorial Conference

The two-day Murtala Muhammed Conference: “Public Policy and Governance; 2011 and Beyond: Policy Dialogue with Presidential Candidates” is designed to facilitate quality interaction between presidential candidates and a representative sample of the Nigerian populace.

The Policy Dialogue with Presidential Candidates is designed to achieve the following objectives:

• To create a safe environment for candidates to air their views on key developmental challenges confronting the country and share their policy prescriptions on the way forward;

• To provide an opportunity for citizens to deliberate and engage deeply with candidates on key national challenges and priorities in an environment shorn of usual partisanship and antagonism;

• To provide opportunity for candidates to promote themselves and their party’s visions and create avenue for citizens to make informed choices about the candidates;

• To stimulate important discussions amongst Nigerians on how to reduce the governance and development deficiencies in the country;

• To facilitate the process of building national consensus on key developmental challenges and desirable reforms