MMF Scholarship

In – line with the commitment of the Foundation to foster Educational Development in Nigeria especially in the Northern Region, we are assisting the less privileged to attain a reasonable level of Education.



 Less privileged child: a child who is economically and socially disadvantaged and deprived of a decent standard of living, adequate education, and economic security through poverty & discrimination.

A vulnerable child: a child who, because of circumstances of birth or immediate environment, is prone to abuse or deprivation of basic needs, care and protection and thus disadvantaged relative to his/her peers.

Orphan: an orphan is a child under age 18 years who has lost one or both parents.


  •  Prospective beneficiary must write a pre-scholarship entrance examination and or engage in an interview process facilitated by the foundation.
  •   Prospective beneficiary must have sound academic background and be ready to further his/her education
  • Prospective beneficiary must have be successful in the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination with not less than six credits (including Mathematics and English Language)
  •    Prospective beneficiary must be of good moral conduct.
  •     Prospective beneficiary must submit the most recent academic report card.
  •     Prospective beneficiary must produce immediate past academic report sheet for evaluation.
  •     Prospective beneficiary must fill the assessment form and append signature.
  •    Prospective beneficiary must submit an essay requesting for award of scholarship.
  •    Prospective beneficiary must submit two letters of recommendation
  •   Beneficiary shall also be required to fulfil the eligibility criteria of the Institutions where they are pursuing their studies


Terms & conditions

  •  Scholarship shall be discontinued if the information provided to the Foundation is found to be false
  •  Scholarship shall be discontinued if the beneficiary’s grade point average is below 2.50/65.0% for two semesters.
  • Scholarship shall be discontinued if change of institution of study is made.
  • Scholarship shall be discontinued if the beneficiary is expelled from school or has incorrigible moral behaviour.
  •  Scholarship shall be discontinued if parents or guardians become financially competent to sponsor the education of the child during the time frame of award of scholarship.



Tertiary Education

The scholarship award include both graduate and post – graduate degrees (with much emphasis on degrees in medicine, oncology, paediatrics, clinic psychology, trauma care, and other medical related disciplines) it also shall cover tuition, books, nutritional support and general expenses. Receipts of expenses incurred will be required. Female applicants will have better chances as one of the goals of the Foundation is to encourage women.

Scholarship Tenure

The scholarship award shall be renewed annually upon continued adherence to scholarship requirements.

The beneficiaries of this scholarship program must be willing to practice in Kano after their respective studies.

If you are an outstanding Secondary School Leaver or graduates please contact 081 295 75052, 080 771 77335 or kindly send an email to You can view the work of the Foundation on